Finished Stoater Handlebars

Finished Stoater Handlebars by Dave 42
Finished Stoater Handlebars, a photo by Dave 42 on Flickr.

After just over a month of use I have now completed the set-up of the handlebars on my Bike for Life. This is in preparation for getting some more miles in over the next few days as I am to reach both my target for the year of 5,500 miles and also complete a 500km challenge on Strava.

I really like the Jones Loop H-Bar along with the Ergon GP1 bio-Cork Grips. I have already found that the handlebars do provide really useful extra handholds on the loop with 2 positions that considerably improve the aerodynamics. So now I have managed to implement the changes I had planned.

The (very bad, sorry about that) photo shows the result. Nice cushioned handlebar tape on both sides of the loop. I have moved the Garmin 800 to between the loops using a Raceware mount. This is much better than mounting on the stem as it allows the angle to set so that hopefully rain will run off. It also increased the space for my hands on the further part of the loop where they had been a bit squashed between bell and the Garmin.

Anyway, this now created a place to mount the Contour+2 camera as have not been able to use it with my Stoater yet (I’m not desperate enough to start wearing a helmet in order to mount the camera on it).

All in all very nice indeed, I will now be shockingly fast when piling on the miles, not! 🙂

Only remaining challenge is to sort out suitable cables for on the road charging of the camera and garmin from the Plug 11 I really need a very compact right angle mini usb connector for the Garmin as there is not a lot of space. Anyway that can wait for another day.

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