Cycling and Colds

In the spirit of Cycling Magazines offering authoritative advice here is mine relating to cycling and colds.

1. If you have a cold allow a little more time for your journey as you will cycle slower than normal.

Actually that is all the advice I have to give. My own experience is that during the last 2 and a bit winters when I have ridden every single day I have suffered fewer colds and I have recovered more quickly. However, I have noticed that I cycle more slowly when I have a cold – hence the advice.

So stop making everything more complicated about what to wear, what to buy and how to best recover. Instead ride your bike and allow a little more time.

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  1. I was told by my GP that cycling (well, exercise in general) could be dangerous with a cold, as the virus could stick to the heart valves causing damage. Sounds a bit alarmist to me, but I’ve tried to heed his advice, as I do have a minor heart condition.

  2. I agree with the “fewer colds” bit – in spite of cycling in traffic (and exhaust fumes) you actually stay healthier when cycling. 🙂

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