First two weeks of my Bike for Life

So the first two weeks of my Bike for Life are over.

Quick summary:

182.7 miles ridden

at least 10 miles ridden each day

happiness factor = through the roof 🙂

In Thursdays photo (below) we see my Shand Stoater/Bike for Life parked outside Rothley Baptist Church while I was there for the village Christmas lights being turned on.


Please excuse the mud all over her, sadly on Wednesday evening I went through Watermead Park and the receding flood waters have left behind thick wet mud and lots of debris. I wonder how long before all that gets cleared up (took ages last time).

Fortunately, I have come to a deal with Jane. Tomorrow (Friday) morning in return for my fixing a puncture on her bike and replacing the gear cable (currently a bit sticky) she is going to wash my bike 🙂 Just hope the water does not freeze on her.

Should be something over 20 miles tomorrow as we are out for lunch and then I need to nip into Leicester before joining Critical Mass.

Saturday will be this bikes first train ride, off to London for the first meeting of the Christian Feminist Network at Southwark Cathedral. So should get in at least 30 miles.


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