Understated success

After riding into Leicester yesterday I used the Bike Park as dry secure storage for my bike while I went to work using the WiFi at Cafe Nero (our whole house seems to be taken over by the bathroom fitter at the moment so it is good to get out).

I was really pleased by the reaction of the staff to my bike.


First they noticed the handlebars and thought they were cool. Then gradually as they looked more closely they noticed other features like the Rohloff 14 speed hub gears, the belt drive, the Hope Hydraulic Brakes (only mine are the Special Edition no longer listed), the Hope Headset and the Ergon Cork grips.

Other bits they didn’t notice were the Middleburn cranks, Hope Bottom Bracket, Schmidt Dynamo hub, the Plug II USB charger, the B&M rear dynamo light and until they moved the bike the Schmidt eDelux dynamo front light (they couldn’t believe how quickly it came on and how bright it was). They didn’t notice the front and rear racks were Tubus stainless steel. The mudguards and little randoneer front rack were also take for granted.

When they noticed the stuff after looking closely they then commented on how cleverly understated the bike is. The fancy, high tech bits don’t shout at you. Instead you need to look closely to notice them. Exactly what I wanted. Apart from on this blog I don’t want the bike shouting look at me! When on the street I don’t want the bike attracting too much attention.

So job done 🙂

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  1. its a Majestic bike, as close to a one bike solution as I have seen in 20 years of riding, its also custom, in the UK, and in the only colour a bike should be… I am very jealous

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