Shand Stoater: My Bike for Life Photos

Just a quick pointer to say that all the photos of my Shand Stoater: Bike for Life can be found on Flickr.

There is a set of photos from Shand Cycles of production and handover.

All my photos are in a collection called Shand Stoater. As I take more photos I will put them as sets in this collection (but maybe I’ll have to wash the bike first, the cycle paths around here are very dirty at the moment – fortunately the combination of great mudguards and belt drive means I am staying clean which is what really matters).

One day I might even get around to putting descriptions in for the photos, but don#t hold your breath 🙂

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Congratulations on a beautiful bike!
    Inspired in part by your bike for life project I started one as well, although mine is a rolling project. A couple monyhs ago I got the Van Nicholas Amazon Rohloff with the belt drive. With close to 500 miles on it now I can say that it is a great starting point for the bike for life. The only thing I will not be able to get is the disk brakes, but that is just something I will have to deal with over time, and I did get the Ti frame which is something that was high on my list.
    The Rohloff and the belt drive are a great combination for a daily ride in this beautiful English weather, and with the addition of Magura hydraulic rim brakes later this winter I am hoping the braking performance will be on par with the rest of the drivetrain.

    Thank you for posting your list of components, as I will probably use at least some of them in my rolling reject as the time goes on.

    Thanks for a great blog,

    • Wouldn’t it be boring if we all ended up with the same Bike for Life 🙂

      I saw some new aerodynamic magura brakes in Cyclist Magazine this month. Their brakes were often popular on recumbent bikes with very good reports on their power and reliability.

      Have you posted any pictures of your bike? Would be very interested in seeing some.

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