Travelling to the Glenfield Hospital

Travelling to the Glenfield Hospital has no link for travelling by cycle. If you look at the Car travel and Parking page then right at the bottom you find:

Cycle and motorbike parking

Parking exists for cycles and motorbikes at the main entrance to each of the hospitals, for more detailed locations see the site maps.

That means this:


Yes the sum total of public cycle parking for a 415 bed hospital is 5 Sheffield stands (and yes there is my Shand Stoater: Bike for life in the middle).

Not quite sure why they think you have to be disabled to ride a bike to the Hospital.

There is a secure bike shed in the background but it is locked so assume it is available to staff only (and I think it is great they provide secure bike storage for staff).

There are hundreds of car parking places so why can’t more provision be made for cyclists?

Especially as at least one of the bikes is a nice one:



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  1. as an employee of Glenfield Hospital would you like me to “Ask the boss”? about this? jo

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