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I have read a number of tweets in recent days both from pro car people and those caught by @CycleHatred (A cyclist who publicises  anti cyclist tweets) that claim that only journeys by car are essential. Cyclists should get the **** out of the way because their journeys cannot be essential or they would be in a car.

On Tuesday I cycled to Loughborough Crematorium to take a funeral. I suggest the family involved probably considered it essential for the minister who knew their Mum and had met them to plan the service to be there. It was just under 18 miles in total, I could not go by car because my wife was using our car for her work.

On Wednesday I cycled to Leicester General Hospital to visit someone. Not essential as someone from the Church has been everyday, except that it is actually part of my job. While I could have driven it would have been very inconvenient as on the way I visited Staples which is out of the way by car. Coming home at just after 3:30pm the traffic on the ring road was stationary so I beat them all home.

These are very typical days for me and yet some want to classify them as non essential simply because I travelled by bike and not by car.

At the same time they classify a trip to the pub by car as essential because you used a car for it.


I find it interesting that in the same week as I have cycled something around 50 miles for work we have spent just over £1,000 on routine maintenance and servicing our 2.5 year old smallish car (large service, new brake pads, new brake disks and 4 new tyres).

Even if you ignore the purchase cost of a car and the costs of fuel I could buy a decent new bike every 2 years and still save a lot of money. Plus of course if I didn’t cycle I would probably need to pay for a gym. Plus of course there are high fuel costs and parking and insurance etc.

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