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What will I have done about Climate Change?

I saw this tweet “When your grandchildren ask you what YOU have done to help stop #ClimateChange, what will you say? Nothing?” from @WilliamNB today

and so I thought about it. Hopefully it will be quite a few more years before we have any grandchildren to ask this, but anyway.

  • Flights.
    • Since getting married 24 years ago I have only flown once for a holiday (4 of us to Jersey to visit my sister). Jane twice flew to join me in Copenhagen when I working there a lot.
    • For the last 7 years neither Jane nor I have flown at all
    • For around 15 years of my working life I did a lot of flying (more than 12 trips a year), mostly but not exclusively around Europe and the Middle East. Although I also implemented an international email network (before the internet was available) which saved a number of flights.
  • Driving
    • Apart from a period of about 5 years we have never had more one car. That 5 years was when I was a minister in Raunds, Northamptonshire. Public transport was very limited and both Jane and I needed to travel for work.
    • In the last two years we have reduced our annual mileage to around 15,000 which is still much higher than we would like.
  • Cycling
    • We have gradually increased the amount we cycle instead of drive. I do all my local work by bike and Jane does as much as she can.
    • We have provided our sons with practical bikes and encouraged them to walk or cycle
  • Home
    • As I am a minister we have a house provided by the Church. That limits our options. However, we always buy the best rated appliances and preferably ones with a good track record for reliability. We pay through the nose for contracts to keep them running rather than simply replace them even when that would be cheaper.
    • Our own home has been insulated to a high standard with efficient boiler installed and maintained.
  • Recycling
    • We try hard to recycle and compost as much as we can.

So we are not amazing but are trying. No doubt could do better.


Driverless car reporting

This kind of reporting “drives” me mad.

Family in shock after car crashes into home in Jacklin Drive, Rushey Mead, Leicester | This is Leicestershire.

A Toyota, which remained at the scene yesterday, left the road and smashed through the garden wall at noon on Saturday.

Its momentum carried it a further 20ft and it hit the house’s porch, which was destroyed.

Why are reporters allowed to be so inaccurate? The Toyota didn’t drive itself off the road and into a home!. The headline should have been something like:

Family in shock after a woman drives her Toyota into their home

That is more honest. What is more

The driver was not hurt and will not face police action.

Now this would have been another story worth writing

Police fail to prosecute driver who destroys part of family home

If I take a sledgehammer to your home then I would get prosecuted, if I knock it down with a car then that is no problem.


Synod beckons

An early start in the morning as I am off to the Northampton District Synod. This time at Park Avenue Methodist Church in Northampton starting at 10am. I have my 40 mile route there planned. My route home is via New Parks Methodist Church as Jane is performing in Eileens Little Big Band there in the evening, so my 39 mile ride there is also planned 🙂

It is only 7 miles or so home from New Parks so depending on how the various timings go I might make a detour in search of food and a few more miles, it is about time I did another century.

Hopefully not many more centuries on my Trek Pilot as various bits are getting a bit tired (front wheel rim and front fork in particular). Not wanted to do much work on it especially as getting 2 bikes ready for university for sons, both needed a fair bit of work. Anyway good progress is being made on my bike for life and will soon be able to show lots more about that, looking forward to using that for future long rides 🙂


Wonderful Brooks saddle maintenance

It may sound daft but I have just enjoyed doing some maintenance on my lovely Brooks B17 Select saddle. During the very wet weather of my Lands End to John o’Groats ride, especially on the off road sections, the thread of the tensioning bolt had got so clogged up with grit that I had damaged the thread when tightening the saddle a bit.

So I ordered a new bolt and it arrived today.

Isn’t it wonderful to have a product that is easily user serviceable! The old bolt came off and while it was off it was much easier to apply proofide to the under side of the saddle. Then on went the new bolt and the saddle is back on the bike.

All very easy but with so many products a problem like this would have meant throwing the whole saddle away. That would be a pity as it is so beautifully worn in now and I also prefer the much darker shade of brown that it has gradually become.

Anyway in the future my Bike for life will avoid this problem through high quality mudguards!

Yet another reason why Brooks saddles are the best 🙂


A bike for life starts with a cardboard box

David W



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