LEJOG: Bike recovery

A good part of yesterday afternoon was spent helping my poor Trek Pilot recover from LEJoG. This is what the rear derailleur looked like before I started work πŸ™


Not very pretty is it!

It was beautiful before I started riding LEJoG because I had cleaned it thoroughly – honest.

So today was a pretty complete strip down of the bike, a good wash and then put back together with new chain Β and new rear cassette. I have put the rear rack back on ready for our summer holiday which is coming up soon, although not the mudguards (because you have to take the brakes apart to fit new longer bolts which is a huge pain). With the new Bike for Life coming I guess the Trek it will be kept as a more stripped down road bike anyway.

However, it is showing real signs of wear and tear. I am going to need a new front wheel rim soon as it is now vvery ridged where the brake pads have worn it away. Unfortunately it isΒ too old to have wear marks so I don’t know how worn it really is. Also the front carbon fork is also showing problems where the brake bolt goes. So once I get my new bike we will have to see what the future holds for this bike.

Anyway this evening it was all back together so I went for a quick 10 mile ride to South Croxton & back. The gears took a while to settle in but then it was running nice and smoothly πŸ™‚

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  1. Would like to see it post-clean. πŸ˜‰ I’m finding my way around mine but it’s trial and error.

  2. You know why he isn’t showing is post clean don’t you….!? (Only joking Dave I’m sure you cleaned it eventually!)

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