LEJOG Day 01

So day one is complete 🙂

Distance: 63.31 mi
Time: 4:45:15
Avg Speed: 13.3 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,608 m
Avg Temperature: 16.4 °C

You can see all the details of the route, elevation, etc at LEJOG Day 01 by dave42w at Garmin Connect – Details.

As you can see it was a beautiful summers day (yes we have some of those) as we arrived at Lands End just before 10am.

Despite all the Cornish scare stories about Lands End being turned into a Theme Park it turns out that you can park there for only £3 for the whole day with no obligation to spend any other money.

We took the obligatory photo at the sign.

However, we did not support the local professional photographer. At £9.95 for a photo that was specially advertised as being not digital it didn’t really meet our desires 🙂

So as the photo is timestamped at 10:22am which means I was on my way by about 10:30am.

It was a lovely day to ride even if Cornwall is not exactly very flat 🙂

I decided to pause for a snack and photo op with St Michaels Mount in the background. There are two versions of the photo. One with a handsome man and one with a nice bike 🙂

As you can see it was a lovely day for a ride and the country lanes were very empty (some looked as if there had not been a car for 6 months or more).

After a very long climb up to Carnon Downs I had the nice downhill to the King Harry Ferry. It turns out that the King Harry Ferry is free for pedestrians and bikes 🙂

It was nice a bit later to find myself at London Apprentice. I can remember coming to services there when I was under 10 with my grandparents when my Pop was preaching there. So I took a photo 🙂

The route was quite convoluted as I avoided the main roads but thanks to the Garmin it was very easy, I just left it on the map page. It would have been tricky to have followed this route any other way (and certainly slower).

I was particularly pleased with the hill climbing, in the end I did not have to use my granny ring at all despite the steepness of some of the hills. That feels good for the next few days.

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