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LEJOG Day 11 Finished!

I have arrived at John O’Groats (and now left)

Just over 1,000 miles in 11 days.

No crashes, no falls & no punctures.

Today I was very slow and chickened out of the inland (steep) route. I could blame both on the weather (mist all day, rain most of the day, strong headwind) but the reality was that my legs didn’t want to do anything.

So it was 80 something miles today.

More details later (maybe)


LEJOG Day 10

Arrived at the campsite at Tain ok.

Very tired, 107 miles and the biggest climb of the route (I walked about 4 miles up it).

I managed to catch the 5:30 pm ferry from Cromarty (that is the last but one), the whole day had been focused on catching the ferry, so very pleased to have managed it.

Mostly dry with a couple of bouts of heavy rain.


  • Distance: 107.42 miles
  • Time: 9:15:08
  • Avg Speed: 11.6 mph
  • Elevation Gain: 1,318 m

LEJOG Day 09

Arrived at Fort William.

Horrible wet afternoon with the A82 being particularly awful.

This morning was nice weather but the muscles above my left knee were really hurting. I was struggling on all hills. Fortunately I met Jane (almost by accident) at Arduaine gardens. Not sure if it was the coffee, the Ibuprofen or the Voltarol but both legs much better after.

From Oban it rained seriously, getting heavier over time. Sustrans route 78 followed the A82 and varied from fantastic to appalling to non existent to dead end.


LEJOG Day 08

A day with three rides. First the 52 mile sprint for the ferry from Ardrossan to Arran. Then another fast ride over Arran and along the West coast to the next ferry from Lochranza. Finally just over 10 miles from the ferry to Tarbert.

Now settled into the b&B, and about to go out for a meal.

Hard riding but good progress with fantastic scenery & weather. Only 3 days to go πŸ™


LEJOG 07 More detail

  • Distance:101.61 mi
  • Time:7:44:43
  • Avg Speed:13.1 mph
  • Elevation Gain:1,120 m
  • Calories:7,126 C
  • Avg Temperature:15.5 Β°C

Link for more detailsΒ LEJOG Day 07

Just fitted all new brake pads and ready to go for Day 7 in pouring rain

Just come through this gate across the river, sorry road

What was coming next

What was ahead. It was deep enough to cover my bottom bracket for a length of about 20 metres

yep I am now in Scotland, entering at Gretna Green

This fish and chip van did a very good delivery service πŸ™‚


LEJOG Day 07

Ok, we are now in the B&B by Sanguhar.

A tough day. Just over a 100 miles with a late start (Sunday B&B breakfast not until 8:30am and then I found I needed to change all the brake pads before starting).

Heavy rain in the morning then for about 40 miles between Longtown and Dumfries there was a very strong headwind. Had me down to 10mph on the flat at times.

Fortunately, Jane came to meet me about 15 miles before the end with a Fish and Chip supper.

More details later


LEJOG Day 6 – Halfway

So I am now past halfway in both time and distance.

The last two days have been pretty dry in the morning (although with very wet/flooded roads especially today) but heavy to very heavy rain in the afternoon.

Totals so far

Day Miles Metres Climbed Ave Speed Cumulative Cumulative
Miles Metres Climbed
1 63.31 1462 13.3 63.31 1462
2 106.72 2455 11.8 170.03 3917
3 96.63 1576 12.9 266.66 5493
4 92.91 831 12 359.57 6324
5 91.61 959 13.2 451.18 7283
6 93.33 1246 11.6 544.51 8529

I had to do some walking on days 2 and 3 due to off road conditions and in about 3 places steepness of the road.

Jane and I camped on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Today Ann Cairns from the Methodist Church in Syston joined me and despite having never ridden more than 65 miles before she completed all 93 miles. We tried to dodge some floods but couldn’t avoid others which were deep enough to cover the bottom bracket on my bike.

The bike has done wonderfully. All I have done is adjust the front deraillier once, oil the chain, wax the Brooks saddle once and quickly wash the mud off a couple of times.

The rain has not been a problem, just kept going. The only irritations are that it makes it harder to read the Garmin 800 screen and you have to dodge the puddles/streams. My overshoes have been brilliant at keeping my feet mostly dry and completely warm.

I do feel that it is getting easier to do the distance, it is not noticeable in speed but is in how I feel while riding and afterwards.

You can see the ride details for each day as below

Sorry to tired to put up pictures (and very few from the recent wet days anyway)

Worst part of the route was getting past Runcorn and Warrington. Best parts is everything else πŸ™‚




Wettest day ever.

Couldn’t tell the difference between roads and rivers at times πŸ˜‰

All went well. Tent up & now in the pub with Ann & Paul (Ann intending to ride with me tomorrow).

But Wifi not working & terrible phone signal.

Still another 90 miles done πŸ™‚



All well. A good ride of 93 miles.

The main story is that this will go down in history as the day I didn’t have to walk at all πŸ™‚

The Stiperstones were very wet and very steep but they have been defeated! πŸ˜‰

Very poor signal so that is all for now.



So we have got to past Monmouth (nearest place is Welsh Newton).

Another great day of cycling (apparently the National Trust property at Tyntesfield was not so good).

The stats were:

Distance: 96.63 mi
Time: 7:31:02
Avg Speed: 12.9 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,576 m
Calories: 7,124 C
Avg Temperature: 20.6 Β°C

The speed would have been much higher but for a walk up a mountain on a footpath near the end (mind you it would have been even slower if I hadn’t been chased along part of that footpath by a herd of Bullocks).

As you can see we have a mobile internet signal here, so I am sitting in the porch of the tent waiting for the kettle to boil for some nice coffee while listening to the rain that started just after we had got the tent up and dinner sorted. Photos later.


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