Nearly the last upgrades for LEJoG

The last parts arrived yesterday so today I have installed what will be nearly the last changes to my Trek Pilot ready for LEJoG this summer.

On went a very nice British made bottom bracket: Hope Bottom Bracket (I went for the ceramic bearings – which are actually Swiss). Getting the spacers right takes a few minutes of head scratching. This is wider than the Shimano bracket that it replaced so plastic collar had to come off the Tiagra chainset axle. The Shimano BB won’t be wasted as I’ll be putting it on my Fixie when I get the right chainring.

Also on went the bag that I plan to use for LEJoG, I know everyone laughs at me for always having space to carry lots of stuff but despite that I have fitted a Carradice SQR Tour. That meant taking off the rear rack and I decided to get on with it and remove the mudguards as well (no more riding the Trek in the rain, but then the fixie is setup for that anyway).

While the SQL Tour (again made in Britain) is hopefully larger than I need for LEJoG it is large enough for the bike to still be useful getting around for work at least some of the time.

Anyway the bike feels lighter with the SQR tour on than with the mudguards and rack which is what I hoped for.  Plus I will have plenty of room for food 🙂

The only upgrade I plan before LEJoG is the tyres, still debating how far to move towards lighter/faster from comfort/puncture resistance. Beyond that I expect both brake blocks and chain will need replacing as normal maintenance items.

With the bike all ready the easiest way to make the ride faster & easier is to lose a significant amount of weight 🙁 Don’t hold your breath!

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  1. Been using the Conti 4 seasons for a bit now and very impressed so far. Not cheap though. Probably not as good puncture protection as marathons but they roll really well. Regular Marathons actually roll pretty well for their weight as they can go relatively high pressure compared to other comparable tyres. 28mm are rated up to 110psi. Not bad.

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