Loving my new bike

So all the work on my Trek Pilot 1.2 was completed last night (see You know your bike is properly run in when …  & Bike maintenance frustrations « 42 Bikes).

So today I rode it for four meetings. Just over 25 miles in total (East Goscote x 2, Leicester City Centre, East Goscote again).

This was my first ride with Speedplay Frog pedals and the bike has had many other changes as well (new bottom bracket, new chainset, new chain, new cassette, new brake cables, new gear cables, new handlebar tape, new seatpost collar).

The quick summary is that it felt like a new bike. Absolutely silent and smooth.

The combination of new brake cables, wheel straightening and I guess cleaning of wheels and brake pads meant that the braking was sooo much better.

All the new stuff in the drivetrain (essentially only the front & rear derailliers unchanged) also meant quick and silent gear changes.

When you have been using a bike for a long time the loss of performance sneaks up on you.

My initial reaction to the Speedplay Frogs was similar to ones I have read from others, it felt like you are balancing on ice cubes. However, after only a few miles the comfort of being able to move my feet around and the exceptionally easy clip in and out have won me round. If only there were a way of clipping on a platform so that for short journeys you could ride with ordinary shoes they would be almost perfect general purpose pedals.

So I am a very happy rider 🙂 By the time you read this I should be a very happy rider out for a nice day ride. I am taking 2/3 of a day off tomorrow and riding towards Lincoln & back, should be just over 100 miles.

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