Moving towards standardisation of Bottom Brackets :-)

So I think I am making some good progress on resolving incompatibilities.

I have 3 bikes that get used every week. My Bullitt Cargo Bike, my Trek Pilot 1.2 and my Pearson Touché Fixie. Until recently they had three incompatible cranksets & bottom brackets.

The Bullitt uses the Shimano Hollowtech II standard and it is by far the easiest to work with. It also appears to offer the best bearings as they are external to the bottom bracket itself and so the bearings are larger and the axle is larger – both are good things 🙂

As noted in my post Bike maintenance frustrations it proved cheaper to use a spare Hollotech II bottom bracket in my Trek and buy a new Tiagra chainset than simply buy new chainrings.

That leaves my fixie all on it’s own. However, by a coincidence it also needs a new bottom bracket. By another coincidence I also have a spare Hollowtech II chainset (Shimano Alfine from when I switched chainset on my Bullitt to get a smaller chainring for Hebie Chainglider compatibility). So if I can find a chainring the right size for my fixie (thicker chain and larger chainring than I have at the moment) I can then standardise on a common Bottom Bracket standard.

One advantage of that is that I can choose a really high quality Bottom Bracket and do some swapping around so that my Trek (as the bike used for the longest distances gets the best quality).

Another nice thing is that I can buy a a high quality Bottom bracket that is made in England, lovely! So I am looking at a Hope Ceramic Bottom Bracket for smooth running, local job creating,  long lasting, loveliness 🙂

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