Back to normality with 35 ordinary miles cycled

Yesterday marked a welcome return to normality after 10 days of disruption (caused by snow/ice and a non bike related injury). I have ridden a bike everyday but the total miles last week was way down on normal.

So yesterday was nice. It started with no choice of bike. My Trek was awaiting parts (the new chainset arrived 30 minutes ago 🙂 ) and I awoke to find my Bullitt Cargobike had a flat front tyre (and anyway it has studded tyres on at the moment and the snow had cleared). So it was an easy decision to use my lovely fixie 🙂

The first ride was 4 miles through Watermead Park for our weekly staff meeting, after that I continued into Leicester for some errands which included grabbing some lunch and calling in at Staples on the way home. Total 13.4 miles.

Then a quick change into clerical shirt and off to East Goscote & Queniborough for some visiting. Total 5.2 miles.

Finally, through Leicester to Oadby to visit my Mother-in-Law before returning to Syston for a Bible Study group and then home. Total 16.9 miles.

So 35 miles, all in normal clothes (only cycle specific items are gloves and my waterproof) that included some rain. Very normal, very easy and yet according to our British transport culture somehow impossible or impractical.

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  1. It’s only when something goes wrong that is costly, i.e. catching up to where you should be, allowing enough time to actually get back on schedule is prohibitive.

    • Yeah, it has taken me 18 months of not using a car for work within our Methodist Circuit to get to this point 🙂

      Just riding even a little way every day does make it possible to build up the number of miles that seem easy though.

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