Beware of bikes with long ears!

It seems my Trek Pilot 1.2 has long ears. After working faultlessly on Monday’s 100 mile ride and 45 miles over the next three days today it took revenge for what it thought it had overheard.

As you will see in another post I went and test rode a couple of other bikes today (considering possibilities for Lands End to John O’Groats). Clearly this was unpopular.

So this evening as I was rushing into Leicester (for a vigil prior to the planned visit to Leicester by the EDP tomorrow) the cable to the rear derailleur snapped. That left me in 9th gear at the back. I was therefore forced to use the small front chainring most of the time which produces a poor chain angle and some chain rub on the front derailleur. The net result was that the chain broke on the way back 1 mile from home.

So be very careful what you let your bike overhear!

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