Lands End to John O’Groats ride schedule and preparation

In Lands End to John O’Groats route planning I listed the draft of the route I plan to take this summer. Now to flesh it out with dates and planned preparation:

The ride plan

0: Drive to Cornwall on 17th June 2012 after the morning service

1: Lands End to Tywardreath 62.82 miles on 18th June 2012

2: Tywardreath to Taunton 99.11 miles on 19th June 2012

3: Taunton to Monmouth 84.45 miles on 20th June 2012

4: Monmouth to Melverley 97.39 miles on 21st June 2012

5: Melverley to Eccleston 86.25 miles on 22nd June 2012

6: Eccleston to Threlkeld 95.09 miles on 23rd June 2012

7: Threlkeld to Sanguhar 100.9 miles on 24th June 2012

8: Sanguhar via Arran to Whitehouse 79.7 miles on 25th June 2012

9: Whitehouse to Fort William 100.33 miles on 26th June 2012

10: Fort William to Tain 102.36 miles on 27th June 2012

11: Tain to John O Groats 100.05 miles on 28th June 2012

12: Drive home to Syston, Leicester on 29th June ready for a wedding on 30th June

Total 1,008.45 miles in 11 days which is an average of 91.7 miles per day.


My basic training consists of two continuing elements:

  • Ride my bike everyday. This is now a pretty well established daily habit after 448 days in a row
  • Ride an average of just over 15 miles per day to reach 5,500 miles in the year. That is just over 105 miles per week and I have managed that for the first 3 weeks of the year

Beyond that I want to get as many 100 mile rides in as I can. I have only done a couple so far and want to get a lot more used to the daily distances that I will be riding on LEJoG. So far I have the following planned:

  1. On Monday January 30th I am hoping to take a long route to Launde Abbey for our district retreat. By default it would only be about 14 miles so I have created a more roundabout route, sadly I have to be at Launde by 4pm so it will be an early start as I will be carrying fairly full panniers and it is a pretty hilly route. I won’t be particularly surprised or worried if I need to shorten the route somewhat.
  2. Although I have an evening meeting when the retreat finishes I have realised I can still try fitting in a 100 mile ride on Thursday February 2nd. We finish after morning coffee so I’ll combine an extended route home with finishing off the extra miles after my evening meeting (obviously very weather dependent).
  3. On Saturday 1oth March I am going to a lunch and then afternoon celebration worship in Market Harborough (celebrating 5 wonderful people from our Methodist Circuit who have completed an 18month course in Mission Shaped Ministry) . Currently I plan to ride almost straight there (say 35 miles) and then take a longer route home to make a total of 100 miles.
  4. I am going to the Methodist Council Meeting at the Royal Holloway College between 24th to 26th March. So I can repeat something like last years ride there on Friday 23rd March (that was my first ever ride of over 100 miles in a day).
  5. Obviously I can then ride home from the Methodist Council when it finishes at lunch,time on Monday 26th March. That will also be a repeat of last year but with some better routing and much better nutrition.
  6. On Thursday April 12th I am taking a day’s leave to recover from Easter week with a nice gentle 100 mile plus ride. Maybe something like Skegness and back (something like 160 miles).
  7. On Friday May 18th I am going to use my normal day off to ride another 100 mile plus ride, my last before LEJoG.

So 7 attempts at rides over 100 miles in the next 5 months combined with something over 2,700 miles of ordinary riding.

Will it be enough?

Any thoughts on what else I should do to be sure I can complete this challenge?

Oddly enough if I succeed then this training programme will put me well on target for the craziest challenge I found for 2012 and so I can’t help wondering whether I’ll find some other excuses to do 100 mile rides after June.

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  1. So….have you told the bride and groom? (or would that just worry them?) It was probably more risky when I flew back from Italy by BA the night before a wedding though…..

    • I will tell them, otherwise how can they sponsor me? 🙂

      Also we will start the journey home on the Friday after I finish the ride to open options besides driving should they be needed.

  2. Hi Dave,

    Thought I’d let you know that Day 2’s map isn’t displaying.

    Best of luck!


    • William,

      Thanks. Actually I think it is because Garmin have some reliability issues with their site. If I could get courses to export properly to Google maps I would be much happier. Anyway I think the link is ok and the problem is their site crashing (it worked 1 out of 3 tests I just did).

  3. Sounds like you’re buzzing! And well up for it! *applause* sounds great! (Wish I had the time and space to realise such ambition.)

  4. What WOULD be amazing is to cycle it on the Bullitt, although taking far longer and cycling more sensible (translation: shorter!) daily distances.
    I certainly wouldn’t want to do 70 mile days on a cargo bike, so forget about the 100 milers you have waiting for you! No, if I had the time (such a luxury) and a Bullitt, I’d aim for around 40, certainly no more than 50 miles per day, and just absorb the landscape. Of course, in this day dream of mine it will be pleasantly warm and sunny throughout, all drivers will be polite and careful, and the only winds will be those STRONG tail winds that blow you up the steeper hills!
    And the box on the Bullitt? Why to hold all the money raised for charity during the trip, of course!

    • William.

      The time to do that would be great 🙂 Maybe I’ll save up that idea for my sabbatical in a few years time (although I already have some ideas about visiting Holy Island, Iona and a few other places with Jane riding our tandem recumbent trike for a bit of luxury).

      50 miles a day on the Bullitt with camping gear is perfectly possible. I would look at lower gears than the Alfine 8 speed though (maybe adding a Schlumpf Mountain Drive).

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