Rapid Hospital Visiting: only by bike

I spent Wednesday afternoon doing some hospital visiting. This is complicated in Leicester by having three main hospitals (General, Royal Infirmary & Glenfield) and by the generally shorter visiting hours now in force (you can often get past these as a minister but out of fairness to the staff I try to visit during normal visiting hours as much as possible).

Just like buses the need to visit people in hospitals comes in bunches. On Wednesday I needed to go to Glenfield and the Royal Infirmary. The order makes a big difference as it is essentially downhill all the way from Glenfield to the Royal.

Here is the route:

You can see lots more detail on Garmin Connect at Visit Glenfield & Royal Infirmary Hospitals

If you are observant you might notice a slight pause on the way home from the Royal Infirmary as the route took me straight past Starbucks where I sent this tweet

[tweet https://twitter.com/#!/dave42w/status/154610426926215169]

and here is the picture

It seems to me that with the queues for hospital car parks and the longer route that drivers would have to take that you would struggle to be faster by car than I was by bike. Plus you wouldn’t pass Starbucks (and I could buy a very fancy coffee for the price of parking at one of the hospitals).

Although it was a wet and horrible day I didn’t get very wet. The heaviest rain was while I was in Starbucks, most of the time I was riding it was not actually raining although there were a lot of puddles.

Plus of course one of the best ways to avoid time in hospital yourself is to cycle there to visit other people 🙂

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