This time last year I failed

Christmas Eve last year was the only time I drove the car for work within the boundaries of the Leicester North Circuit during my first year in the appointment.

The problem is a 4pm Christmas Service at Rothley followed by a 5pm Christingle Service at Syston. According to Google Maps the distance is 3.8 miles

This year is different, we have no snow or ice, the weather forecast is dry. So I can use my road bike and really go for it

More seriously you don’t save a lot of time in a car. Neither Church has a car park so you have to factor in time to walk to/from the car at both ends. With my bike I can cheat and take it inside at each end – that means no delays caused by locking it up. Also with 16 months experience cycling around the area Rothley has moved a lot closer to Syston.

So door to door we are looking at between 15 (16mph) and 20 minutes (12mph) ┬ádepending on how easy I take it. With a 30 minute service planned at Rothley it turns out I have about 10 minutes to wish people there a Happy Christmas and 5 minutes at Syston to compose myself to welcome hoards of happy kids. I don’t know why I gave in last year.

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