Double success :-)

Wow, I am very impressed with SPA Cycles and the Post Office. As detailed in Neat solution I ordered two special brake bolts on 22nd December at about 11pm and they arrived this morning 24th December. Fantastic service, thanks to both of them!

So I couldn’t resist fitting them 🙂

I have wanted to fit mudguards to my Trek Pilot Road bike for years and a long time ago I bought some brilliant SKS mudguards, but I have never been able to fit them due to the way the brake bolts use a long allen nut through the frame to reach the relatively short brake bolt.

Rather foolishly (this is me after all) I started the upgrade without fully thinking through how long it would take to completely dismantle the brakes (in order to replace the main bolt). It was a bit fiddly (once I noticed the grub screws it went more easily). When it came to putting it back together in an ideal world the front brake bolt would have been 5mm longer and the rear one 10mm shorter. However with a bit of bodging I was able to reassemble the brakes and put the bike together with the new mudguards fitted.

Things got a bit tight for time towards the end as I had forgotten some family were turning up just as I needed to be going out to the 4pm service at Rothley made worse by the fact I was still finishing the bike in the front hall as they arrived 🙂 Still I was finished just in time.

I am delighted to report that on the first outing the mudguards worked perfectly and for the total of 8.6 miles I averaged 16.4mph which meant I was in time for the service at Rothley and then the Christingle at Syston (see This time last year I failed). That was good news as we had a lot of extra people this year in Rothley which was great but would have been very embarrassing if I hadn’t got there in time.

As always I find peoples responses to my travelling by bike interesting. Lots of older generations relate to it well as it is how they used to get around. But very consistently people who do not ride bikes overestimate distances and how long cycling to places takes. Remember I am not some fit racing cyclist in full gear on a lightweight road bike but a middle aged, somewhat overweight bloke wearing a clerical shirt and work trousers. I do tend to wear trainers and if I am going to be riding fast I do take a replacement shirt – but there is no Lycra or clip on shoes and I always have at least one pannier of stuff.

Back to modifying the bike. In terms of fitting the brake bolts and mudguards one of the bodges is due one of my few irritations with the Trek Pilot. At the back there is only one set of holes at the dropouts. When you want to fit both a rack and mudguard this is less than ideal. The mudguard stays end up forcing the rack mounting away from the dropout which puts extra stress on the bolts. Fortunately the Tubus Locc rack has extra holes above the ones used to fix to the dropouts and so I have the mudguard stays fastened to the rack which is fastened to the frame. Sadly over the years the mounting point thread on the left dropout has worn out, fortunately on that side it is not a problem. I use a long allen headed bolt mounted with the head on the inside and a nut on the outside. There is no space to do the same on the chain side so I am not sure what to do when that thread wears out (maybe use it as an excuse for a new bike?).

Anyway two successes today 🙂 Mudguards fitted and I managed my Christmas Eve services by bike 🙂

Plus so far two full services celebrating Christmas in very different ways. Just 11:30pm Holy Communion and 10:30am Christmas Celebration to go both in Syston Methodist Church – all welcome even if you don’t join me in cycling to them both 🙂

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