An inspiring example

Yesterday I was inspired by someone I visited. A widower in his late 80’s, he hadn’t been feeling too well so he went to the doctors, got a prescription for extra medication and went to the chemist to collect it.

The thing is.

He cycled to the Doctors and to the Chemist. Not only that but he chose to support the local independent chemist in the next village who he has used for years. This meant a round trip of about 5 miles.

He could have used his mobility scooter but says he gets too cold on that and it makes his knees and ankles seize up so it is difficult to walk when he gets to the destination.

He says he rides slowly but it gets the air into his lungs and he feels better.

The only downside is that he still rides with a traditional gents frame and getting on and off the bike is getting harder.

So what’s your excuse for not riding a bike?

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