Completed Bullitt Cargobox

My Bullitt Cargobox is now complete, fitted and has been used. Here are some pictures:

2011-08-31 15.19.04

The paint colour is not a perfect match, but reasonable. You can see the staple and padlock in the lid. The rear of the lid is trapped under a batten.

2011-08-31 15.19.12

Here you can see the way the lid overlaps at the front. Should act as a visor making sure water does not get in under the front of the lid. The curved front provides some storage and hopefully improved looks with better aerodynamics.

2011-08-31 15.19.26

The white padding is temporary. I plan to use some scraps of old inner tubes for padding. At the moment this squeaks a little. You can see where the back of the box (well not really a box as the bottom is separate) is bolted to the frame.

2011-08-31 15.18.48

Here you can see the bolt holding the front sides on.

2011-08-31 15.20.35

The inside view shows the front compartment which contains the post for the staple for the lock. Also the bolts at the back and the metal right angles attaching the sides to the back. I plan to add something at the bottom to stop the sides being forced apart.

2011-08-31 15.21.23

You can seen the wiring for the BioLogic battery charger around the headtube. I plan to put all the electronics in the front compartment along with tools, spare tubes, bungies etc. You might be able to see how the base is separate. It is also ply and shaped like the honeycomb from Larry Vs Harry.

2011-08-31 17.25.04

The underside of the front shows some of the limitations. The sides should have been about 5mm further apart which is why there is a small crack on the right of the picture. So far I have not achieved a very good finish on the curve. It is filled on top of 6 separate pieces of ply. The filler cracked a little and a few more coats with sanding between is really needed.


So far it works well. I need to add some more rubber inner tube to stop some squeaks and to stop the lid rattling a little.

Other bits of finishing will include some hooks so I can use bungies to hold large items on top. Also catches to attach the lid to the side (if I buy too much when shopping for the lid to close). I also plan to add some lights to be seen by to the lid (or maybe the sides. Not sure yet).

Other than that I am very pleased.

What also surprises me is that it does not seem to slow me down much. In fact on the flat and downhill it seems to provide an aerodynamic improvement that more than compensates for the slightly higher weight. Makes me think that adding some kind of aerodynamic top to the lid might be worthwhile (it would also keep the rider even dryer in rain).

I would love to see what could be possible with a GRP aerodynamic shape following the example of the Quest velomobile (although the results would be unlikely to fit through domestic doors or Leicester cycle barriers like my slab sided cargoobox).

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