Bullitt cargobox basics complete

Yet another update following More Bullitt cargobox progress. This time with pictures 🙂

Side View with lid on
2011-06-25 17.44.13
For security it slots under the batten at the handlebar end. There will be a shed shackle coming through the lid near the front for a padlock.

View from the front with the top on.
2011-06-25 17.44.30

View from the riding position, lid off
2011-06-25 17.46.06
Note that the protruding screws are just while the glue dries. I will add a vertical division just in front of the headset to stop things falling off the shelf. I will also be adding a substantial post to support the shackle for the lock. At the end I will add a rubber seal to stop water and rattles.

View from the front, lid off.
2011-06-25 17.45.51
I had to bolt the left side of the curve as you look from the front to get it to bend in far enough (I also had to use a more substantial post for that side due to the tension needed to pull the ply in tight. Once the glue is dry the bolts will be removed and it will be sanded/filled/sanded smooth.

While I am not going to win any prizes for the quality of my woodwork it should lo0k ok when filled and painted. However, I am more interested in the practicalities and I have high hopes in that area 🙂

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  1. I’m getting visions of a bathtub, grand piano and a boat.

    I’m impressed with your ingenuity though! Looking forward to seeing the finished article.

  2. I can’t really decide what it looks like either. No doubt something unflattering. Basically it is simple space maximisation designed for practicality over almost everything else.

    I have sorted out the lock this evening, that included putting in the partition to separate off the front area.

    Also the glue has dried enough to remove the extra temporary screws.

    More good news is that by removing 6 bolts the whole box lifts off the bike.

    Just lots of sanding, filling & painting to do (oh and glue some corner wood into the vertical corners at the handlebar end).

    Once it is all painted I want to

    – fit 2 water bottle holders to the back,
    – fit a holder for my U-lock somewhere on the outside (don’t want to unlock the box to lock the bike up).
    – fit some brackets so if I fill the box too full I can clip the top to the outside of one of the sides to get it home
    – fit brackets so I can use the top as a separate table
    – get some closed cell foam as padding for the top when carrying long items
    – sort out the wiring neatly for the dynamo, reecharge battery and items for charging
    – add some battery powered running lights (simple LED’s) to make it more visible from the side

    I might also fit something like a plastic mug over the top of the headset so that it can spin freely and not squash things in the box.

    After all that (so maybe in about 3 years) maybe a holder for my Samsung Galaxy Tab with sun blinds 🙂

  3. I think this will be a significant step in security and practicality. Aesthetically, it’s extremely difficult for an individual to compete with modern commercially designed and manufactured products with their 3D compound curves, especially using sheet materials that are inherently limiting. It looks fine to me and I’m sure it will look great when painted. However, the important thing is what you think when you’ve finished.

  4. I think the word is ‘Fantastic’
    It would be good if you could organise a workshop for people out of work. Manufacturers of the Bullitt must be searching for you. Must warn Rachel.
    Regarsd, Murray

  5. what is the capacity of this box ?

    • I don’t know. I can’t think of an easy way to measure volume of a complex shape that is not watertight. Any suggestions?

      I plan to add some catches so that if I buy too much stuff to be able to fit the lid on I can just clip it to the outside. That will give me back the capacity flexibility that comes from an open top box.

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  7. It’s looking really good, but what it really needs now is a couple of CEoGB roundels on each side.

  8. The right tool for the job | 42 Bikes - pingback on December 29, 2013 at 12:16 am

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