More Bullitt cargobox progress

No pictures (cos it is dark and raining at the moment) but I made some more progress on building the new cargobox for my Bullitt Cargobike (see New Bullitt cargobox progress 🙂 for an earlier update).

The part I am most pleased with (the curved front) is nearly complete. Then it is just the lid to make and I am just about done.

Unlike my initial ideas the top is going to be completely level as I didn’t want to take the back up any higher and if I had lowered the front it would have meant there was no storage space above the front wheel. However, the top will be a single sheet of marine ply that overhangs the sides to it should be completely watertight.

The tricky bit has been filling the gap at the front above the forks. It has to keep out of the way of the steering stabiliser, the brake hose and the mudguard. Fortunately the front overhang should keep the rain off and mean it is somewhat hidden from view.

Hopefully I can make time tomorrow to finish building it so that I can start painting.

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