New Bullitt cargobox progress :-)

My new cargobox is making progress 🙂 Here are 3 pictures to show the base, lower front, back and sides fitted (just partial fittings so far).

A few snippets on the plans to finish it:

  • The front is going to be curved for aerodynamic reasons 🙂
  • It will have a full size lid that can be locked on (it will slide under the lip of the back with grooves for the sides).The small storage area in front of head tube is for spares & tools plus wiring harness for re-Charge battery. It also means the head tube will be fully enclosed so that it is easier to strap long loads like projector screens on the top.
  • At the moment I plan to fit 2 water bottle holders on the outside of the box back, but wonder if there is some other good use for this space.
  • I have ordered marine gloss paint (orange and black)
  • All the places where it touches the frame have rubber padding (old inner tube).
I was pleased to notice that the Brooks mudflap on the front mudguard has kept the underside beautifully clean 🙂


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  1. I still can’t visualise the final result, but it looks distinctly promising. Regarding your intention to ‘strap long loads like projector screens on the top’. May I suggest that when you do that, you might consider closed cell foam blocks to reduce / eliminate fretting. Often these are free for the asking.

    I presume you’ve thought of this, but just in case. Perhaps Dee rings fitted to the lid to act as anchor points?

    With such thin plywood, it may be necessary to stiffen the sides to prevent bulging and ensure that the lid fits well.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts.

    The closed cell foam blocks are a good idea. I might just glue some on permanently.

    I have been thinking of hooks or eyes or something to clip bungees too. The top will be a bit wider than the sides (so I can fit edge pieces to make a slot for the side). I might be able to just hook a bungee to this.

    Yep I have been thinking about bracing for the sides, will see what is needed once it is built.

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