Brompton folding bikes.

I watched the program “Made in Britain” on British manufacturing on BBC 2 last night and it was mostly pretty good.

The exception being the promotion of BAE who in my opinion should be shut down immediately. We should neither be selling arms nor should we allow companies as corrupt as BAE has been proved in the courts to continue in business.

However, the spot about Brompton Bikes was excellent. So I went and looked on their website. There are a lot of options available and the British website does not give huge amounts of detail.

So I recommend this Video Configurator as it clearly explains all the options. At the end you end up with a list in $ which you can then go and put on the British form to get a bit of a shock (particularly when you pick lots of nice options as I did). My dream Brompton looked like this:

  • 01 BIKE STYLE : M:M Type
  • 02 GEARING : 6/-12: 6 speed 12% lower(+$220)
  • 03 MUDGUARDS/RACK : RA: mudguards/rack(+$165)
  • 04 STEEL/TITANIUM : Ti: Titanium(+$730)
  • 041 COLOR, MAIN : RL: Raw Lacquer(+$160)
  • 042 COLOR, FRT/RR : : Titanium
  • 05 SEAT POST : : Post Standard
  • 06 TIRES : TYM: Marathon Reflective(+$35)
  • 07 SADDLE : BRKM: Brooks B-17 Men’s(+$95)
  • 08 LIGHTING : HDSON: Hub dynamo(+$485)
  • 09 FRONT LUGGAGE : FCB+OBAGB: O-Bag black(+$315)
  • 10A B-BAG : : N/A
  • 10B EAZY WHEELS : EZW: Eazy Wheels(+$35)
  • 10C COVER/BAG : COV: Cover with bag(+$45)
  • 11 RACK SACK : QRBAG: Rack Sack (+$95)
  • 12 Suspension : HSU: Hard Suspension

I have not dared to work out the UK price. But it would be a very nice bike and very practical for trips to and around London. Realistically though I could easily cut the price a lot by dropping the Titanium, choosing a standard colour, going for cheaper lights and probably choosing the 2 speed option.

One thing is sure. I can’t see myself choosing a folding bike that isn’t a Brompton. For multi-mode travel it is the best.

For a good review see i b i k e l o n d o n: Practical Town Bike Reviews; the Brompton M2L.

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  1. I have owned Bromptons since 1988, and bought my current one in about 2006. The basic design has barely changed in that time – the main frame is in fact about 3cm longer, but otherwise all the changes are to componentry, with better brakes etc.

    I bought pretty much the same package as you specified – 6 gear with a reduction, Ti forks, hub dynamo, special paint colour etc. Total cost came to about £1250, and I don’t thknk it has increased much since – the Ti compnoesnt are cheaper now I think.

    Some of the prices you state above, albeit in Dollars, look way over the top compared with what I recall paying. The frint luggage block and bag came in around £75 together, for example. The price quoted for the dynamoi also sounds implausibly steep. If you go to the bikefix website, you can price your spec in Sterling (

    I would recommend Marathon Plus tyres – virtually indestructible – and if I was going to drop anything, it would be the Ti. If like me you travel twice a day on trains and have to be ready to race down the concourse at Waterloo when they change the platformon you, the weight saving is wirth it, otherwise I don’t think it is, and you’ll save around 400 .

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