Change is slow but possible

Today we take our car in for a service, thinking about that I have realised that we have managed to make some positive changes during the last year.

  • We have moved from two cars to one
  • We have cut our annual mileage by over 50%. That is despite about 1/3rd of this years miles being in August and related to moving house, so I expect we will reduce it again next year.
  • I have made significant progress in reducing the speed at which I drive. It is becoming a rare event for me to break any speed limit which is a big change from the past. One side effect (beyond the critical one which is road safety) is that we keep the car’s computer at over 45mpg (which is not bad for a car shaped like a brick).
Much of the change this year it was helped by the Methodist Church moving us from rural Northamptonshire to Syston, just outside Leicester. Of course nnext time they move us it could be to somewhere where again a lot more driving is required.
However, beyond the move none of these changes have happened suddenly or automatically, they have been a focus for many years. For us they are part of a long term process of trying to put our world view into practice. We are not there yet (and there are many who inspire us through their much better examples) but taking this car for a service is a little reminder that we have been able to make progress.
Plus it does make a significant financial difference to have gone from at least 4 car services per year (two cars, each doing enough miles to need more than one service per year) to only one.
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