A gentler ride

After doing my own personal time trial for two evenings I went for a more gentle ride this evening.

Turned out it was exactly 23 miles with 950 feet of climbing (oddly I descended over 980 feet but ended up at still at ground level when I got back home). My average speed was 15.1 mph.

The route took me to Wanlip, Birstall, Beaumont Leys, Newton Lynford, Swithland, Rothley, Crossington, East Goscote and back to Syston. Mostly very quiet. It includes a few stiff climbs (especially on the fixie).

Pleased to find that the Brooks B17 saddle is comfy. By the end though my shoulders were quite stiff as the fixie has the lowest handlebars of any of my bikes. A hour and a half like this makes a lovely end to the day.

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  1. The mysterious non-existent ‘extra’ 30 feet probably results from GPS errors in altitude measurement, unless your GPS has a pressure sensor, in which case it might be atmospheric pressure changes.


    • Amodba,

      Yep the Garmin 705 has a barometer, so I guess it must be pressure changes ober the 90 minutes.

      Never quite matches up the distance climbed and descended.

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