New candidate for best all round bike

I have seen a few reviews but production models of what might be best all round bike are going to be available soon.

From a new company Milk Bikes.  Their first production bike is The Commuter and for me it ticks nearly every box as a great all round bike. If I could have only one bike then I think this would be at the top of the list.

So the design includes:

  • Disc brakes (and only support for disc brakes)
  • Gates Belt Drive (no more oily chain)
  • Shimano Alfine 11 speed hub gear (looks like this meets the sweet spot, cheaper than a Rohloff yet still runs the gears in an oil bath and has a wide & even range of gears).
  • Separate rack and mudguard mounting points
  • Space for large tyres for comfort (up to 44mm in a 700c size)
  • Track dropouts for easy chain tensioning (I would use MKS Tug nuts for easy of adjustment, found them excellent on my fixie and belt tension needs to be accurate)
  • Made of steel so should be comfy for long distances and least environmental impact in production (just a great pity the frames are not built in the UK)
  • Either straight or drop handlebars (and the drop handlebars use the Versa gear changer which is integrated with the brake lever just like a “normal” road bike).
  • Support for Schmidt Son dynamo hub with front and rear dynamo lights.
All the ingredients for very low maintenance, performance and flexibility. Yummy!

You can see pictures on Flickr.

Of course all this comes at a price with a complete bike starting at £1450 (or £1650 for the 11 speed).

Very desirable though.

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  1. Not far off the On-One Pompetamine. Looks good.

    Not sure I’d want track dropouts if using mudguards though. Quite a lot of hassle if you ever need to quickly remove the rear wheel when out riding.

    • Agreed about the On-One Pompetamine, a great bike. All it needs is a break in the frame to allow a Gates Carbon Belt Drive to be fitted (and maybe low rider mounts on the front fork),

      My fixie mudguards just pop out of the plastic safety thingumys when I need to take the wheel off. But in 1800 miles so far in 2011 I have not taken any wheel off when out for a ride 🙂

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