Convenience: Bikes win everytime

I have been putting a new shed up and realised that I needed some felt adhesive (thought it was supposed to come with all the materials needed, but never mind).

It is 3/4 of a mile to the local hardware shop. A big tin of bitumen felt adhesive is quite heavy so obviously I went on my bike (the Bullitt Cargobike was handiest as I had just got it out to let Jane get off to work on her bike). I parked right outside, no queuing and no hassle. Got the tin and was back out in less time than it would have been to find a car parking space.

I can’t understand why people choose to use cars so much to come to the shops in a small town like Syston. Cars are just so inconvenient, expensive and unhealthy – they make no sense at all for trips to the local shops.

Meanwhile all these people making odd choices keep filling up the roads with pollution, noise and congestion. What a pity because it is a beautiful day and being out on the Melton Road would be great, friendly people, good shops – just a pity about the cars clogging it up and spoiling the atmosphere.

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