Fixed gear bikes, handy on Good Friday

Having a fixed gear/fixed wheel/fixie came in especially handy today (Good Friday).

On a beautiful day it is great for transport (12 miles: to/from Syston Methodist Church then home to Rothley, then Birstall and home and then to/from Syston Methodist Church again).

However, I also used it in a couple of services (I’ll write about how fixed gear bikes and Brooks saddles help us interpret the crucifixion of Jesus on my other blog).

I got some admiring comments on how clean it is too 🙂 However, I also got a comment about was I off camping (2 panniers and rack top bag). While the fixie is lovely to ride and fast the Bullitt is very much more convenient for carrying things 🙂

One of the nice parts of the day was riding back from Birstall with Jane after she had been playing in a service there. It was a nice ride across Watermead (although very crowded). Jane was on her Ridgeback Avienda carrying her music stand, amplifier and electric violin. The violin is in a huge rectangular case, it just about drops into an Ortlieb backroller pannier but sticks a long way out of the top – lucky she has a step through frame as nobody is going to get a leg over that pannier to get on.

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