How sad, I need to ride my fixie more

I have just finished my tinkering with my fixie by fitting a new Brooks B17 standard black saddle.

So now I need to ride my fixie lots in order to break the saddle in.

How sad ­čÖé

I did just check and my last saddle weight 245g compared to the 540g of the Brooks B17 (cutting the weight a little by upgrading to Titanium rails would have multiplied the price by 3!). However, even without wearing in the comfort is already better.

This is exactly the same shape as the Brooks flyer on my Bullitt Carogobike but without the springs. I also went for the slightly more expensive “special” on my Bullitt which has hand hammered copper┬árivets compared to the machine applied ones on the standard model.┬áThis may reduce the life of the standard model slightly although well over 40 years seems to be quite normal.

The only problem is that I now have 2 Brooks saddles that will outlive me but I have 3 sons. To save arguments later about inheritance maybe I need to buy a 3rd Brooks saddle for my Trek Pilot road bike but maybe I should wait until Jane is convinced that a Books with titanium rails would be a good investment (after all variety is a good thing, so I should have 3 slightly different Brooks saddles for the purposes of comparison). This does mean it might be a long wait (but then it is probably sensible to break the Books saddles in one at a time).

So far my sons have not developed their good taste enough to realise how good a Brooks saddle is. So I hope to hand around long enough for them to begin to understand the value of their inheritance.

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