It started with the chain

It started with the chain, I was a little irritated yesterday on my nice ride on my fixie. There was a certain point where there was a little crunch as the chain went round. Barely discernible but as fixed gear bikes are so smooth it began to get on my nerves.

So this afternoon I decided to clean the chain and turn the chainring and sprocket over to even out any wear.

When I started on that job I kept discovering how dirty my beautiful Pearson Touché was. So I kept removing bits so that I could clean them properly.

Now it looks like this:
Oop’s 🙂

At least I can get it properly clean and that should last another 4.5 years before I need to do it again 🙂

I am quite amazed at the good condition of so many of the parts once you get past the grime. The wheels spin on and on and on yet those bearings have never been touched, despite the fact that I have ridden this through floods that came up to the “N” on the seat tube (so the axles and bottom bracket were way below the surface of the water).

The only bits that are not so nice are a few of the bolts eg for the mudguards and wheel nuts that are obviously not stainless steel and have rusted a bit.

I love the fact that bikes are simple enough (especially a fixed gear) that you can take them apart in this way and understand how all the bits work and fit together.

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