The beauty of silence

As it was such a nice afternoon I chose to use my fixie (Pearson Touche) to ride to the Royal Infirmary.

It is basically a flat ride (total was 14.6 miles)  so there is no need for gears and the Touche rolls along incredibly easily and silently which is one of the fantastic things about a fixie – there is nothing as quiet and smooth to ride as a fixed gear bike.

Unfortunately this does not automatically mean a smooth ride and the Touche does tend to bounce me around a fair bit due to the combination of hard (but very fast) 25mm tyres, the aluminium frame (although softened somewhat by carbon seatpost and fork), the hardest but lightest saddle I have and the appalling quality of Leicester’s cycle facilities (which perhaps are the only half sane reason that so many people ride full suspension bikes around the city).

I think I am due for a change of saddle on the Touche, especially now that I have less padding on my bottom. Given how pleased I am with the Brooks Flyer on my Bullitt cargobike I think a Brooks B17 might go well on the Touche.

Still that is for another day, today was one to remember for the sensation of flying along by the river in silence 🙂

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