Door to door deliveries

Today I delivered the new coffee machine to Syston Methodist Church. It came in four boxes (coffee machine, box with the 3 Air Pot flasks, box of filter papers and a box of coffee sachets).

Here you can see it all loaded on the Bullitt leaving home


When you get to the other end you don’t have to worry about the double yellow lines 🙂 Instead go right to the door.


In fact why stop at the outside door? Instead with a cargobike you can go right inside all the way to the kitchen. Try that with a van!


In fact I did something like 7 Bullitt journeys to the Church today. Besides the coffee I carried:

  • 3 data projectors
  • 2 projector screens
  • 1 xbox360
  • 2 TV’s
  • 3 Wii’s
  • Flipchat & pad
  • Guitar hero drums, & guitars
  • 1 x 30watt guitar amp
  • 2 large sets of computer speakers (each bass and 2 tweeters)
  • 2 other computer speakers
  • 17 x 2 litre bottles of drink
  • 60 hot dogs
  • 60 hot dog rolls and 40 burger rolls
  • 20 jars salsa, sour cream, guacamole
  • 10 bags of nachos
  • 8 power extension cables
  • Various sauces and relishes

Here are some pictures of some of the deliveries:



and here is a terrible picture of some of the people enjoying the bowling:


We managed 5 bowling lanes (4 projected, one with a big TV) plus guitar hero using a projector and an Xbox racing game on another TV. Plus our “Ally Cafe” serving burgers, hot dogs, nachos, soft drinks and of course the new excellent coffee.

We had well over 70 people of all ages come. Many of the more mature using a games console for the first time> In the end experience and lots of practice won the day with a top bowling score (right at the very end) of 244 by H from our Sunday School.

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  1. The Bullitt going to the kitchen gives me ideas for the not too distant future. I could be taken straight to the pew without using the lift!
    Reply will not be heard as my hearing aid is working on only one cylinder today. It always knows when it’s Sunday.
    Love from us all, Murray

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