Hebie Chain glider on a Bullitt Clockwork Cargobike

An update following: Out of my technical depth: chain ring.

First the existing stuff.

Turns out that after about 1200 to 1400 miles the supplied Alfine chain ring was quite worn. Sadly the way it is made stops it being reversed.

The same is true of the 20 tooth sprocket. Worn and can’t be reversed.

Neither is very impressive in terms of wear, sadly it does not seem possible to fit a better quality sprocket from anyone else due to the rubber sides, one of which is fitted to the sprocket. These really catch lots of crud (I suppose on the bright side they have kept it away from the hub gear itself, but they are keeping the chain dirty.

Second, fitting the Hebie chain glider.

Sadly this has not yet gone well. I fitted the nice, tough feeling Surly 38 tooth chain ring. However, it is very close to the crank arms (which are a 130 BCD). It turns out the crank arms don’t fit within the chainglider.

So a big re-think.

In the end I have found a replacement chainset, it is also Hollotech II like the Alfine so the chainline should be correct. However, it uses a 104 BCD and can support chain rings down to 34 teeth. Hopefully this will provide a lot more clearance and allow the Hebie Chain glider to fit.

Meanwhile, I am currently running the Surly 38 tooth chain ring, almost no riding today and hopefully tomorrow I’ll fit a new sprocket to go with the new chain ring and chain. Then when the new cranks arrive I can get the Hebie fitted. All the gunk in the drivetrain does act as confirmation that this is a good thing to do.

Other fixes

I have now fitted the pitlock security to the front wheel and seat post. Pitlock don’t offer secure 15mm nuts for the rear wheel (although my frame lock helps there) nor do they provide replacement allen bolts to hold the seat on.  Looking for other solutions for them.


Hopefully in a few days I’ll be able to provide an exact solution to fiting a Hebie chain glider to a Bullitt clockwork. Til then don’t hold your breath 🙂

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