Bullitt Steering Damper fitted

My steering damper arrived yesterday but I was caught up in meetings so didn’t manage to fit it.

Anyway it is now fitted and it was just as quick and easy to fit as Hans of LarryvsHarry promised.

So now I need to find somewhere bumpy and somewhere high speed to try it out.

For the former the cyclepath alongside the Melton Road and then between the Space Centre and Abbey Park will do.

For the high speed I’ll come home via Birstall and the A6/A46 junction. The cyclepath alongside the A46 (which fails to meet any responsible standard for a cyclepath – too narrow for a Dutch single direction but it is in fact two direction, plus a lack of separation from high speed cars and HGV’s) is a good speed test, downhill and covered with grit.

Anyway, this is what it looks like fitted:



My ride was 14 miles, maximum speed was 27.5 and the damper was unobtrusive. The Bullitt did feel more comfortable on the high speed downhill, I would have been quite happy going faster. On the rough cycle path sections the problem is not being ejected from the saddle rather than anything else.

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  2. Dave, what did you find was happening that lead to the need for a dampener? Plus, is it possible to get a few more shots of the damper orientation and set up? I am intrigued. I do not have a need for one, but am curious about it.

    Does it stop a jittery front wheel?

    • Travis,

      There were two reasons.

      Downhill at high speed I would get a wobbly front wheel, particularly if empty. On smooth surfaces it would be at around 30mph. As the surface gets worse it starts at lower speeds.

      When riding off road (such as parts of the route around Rutland Water recently) the front wheel got knocked around a bit on the stones. It was not so much wheel wobble more it felt a bit skittish. I would not normally have used a Bullitt on those routes but haven ridden to the area on it for a few days I had no other bike available,

      It has made the steering feel a bit more steady and has moved the start point to a faster speed. It is adjustable but I have not played with that yet. Today I came down a steep hill with a terrible surface (tarmac paid on concrete where the concrete is breaking up and the tarmac has worn away/fallen off all over the place. I was doing over 20mph and could see the front wheel starting to wobble a bit but the steering was unaffected. I suspect that if I turn it up a bit more it will stop it even more.

  3. I’ll have to take a picture of the one on the trike. It’s about 4 times the size of that, and looks like it came off a car! In fact, I’ll check.

    I wonder what application the Bullitt unit has elsewhere. Have you googled the part?

  4. I realize this is an old post but do you remember if the damper rubbed against the board when you turned the wheel to the left. I might need to add more spacers. Just curious if you experienced the same thing. Thanks.

    • I don’t remember any problems like that. So far as I can remember it just worked and I haven’t touched it since.

  5. 💡 Any specification or markings on the damper, is there a maximum/minimum length I want to source one for my Kona Ute and have no idea where to start! Any markings you can see or even a diameter for the rod and the casing etc etc?

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