#ride:10miles of healthy therapy

Life is tough and sad at the moment. I have tried different ways of coping in the past. They have not been generally successful. I guess my two most common responses are to eat and sleep (at least hide in bed). I have used those many times and it has been a key factor in accumulating the weight I am now fighting to lose.

Now I am trying to ingrain a different response. So tonight after everyone else had gone to bed I went for a very gentle 10 mile bike ride. I circled Watermead Park (enjoying again the improved access at Birstall) and so have seen about 10x more rabbits than cars.

Sometimes a hard ride feels a good way to help with depression & sadness. Today it felt better to be very gentle, it gave time and space to think, to remember, to swear, to cry, to pray.

Tomorrow is going to be difficult but I am so much better prepared for it than I would have been using any of my previous responses.

Next time you are down and struggling consider pedal therapy, it seems to be working for me, maybe it might work for you.

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  1. Riding is great for lifting the spirits. Love riding at night too. The relative quietness and pace that you can enjoy the empty streets is great.

    It’s great to have something like riding a bike that you can go to when feeling low.And good that you know that too. Hope you have a good day today.

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