Getting ready to tour with a Bullitt cargobike

Tomorrow morning I am off on the nearest thing to a tour that I have done so far on my Bullitt cargobike. It is only 15 miles or so to Launde Abbey but I am staying there until Thursday.

As Cycling Plus arrived today with a supplement about touring including guides about what bike to use and how to get ready I thought I would write a post about getting your Bullitt cargobike ready for a tour. It is quite simple, there are only 3 steps.

1. Pack what you are taking into bags.

For some things this is obvious. My laptop is already in a bag so I’ll take that. For my clothes I might use a small suitcase so that they stay nicely folded or otherwise a normal soft bag. Anyway whatever you choose make sure that it is easy to carry to your bike and then into where you are staying at the other end.

2. Pack the bags into the Bullitt.

Very easy. Drop the bags into your front box and put the cover on. Job done.

3. Get on the Bullitt and ride off.

Oh and enjoy your tour.

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  1. Cool! As someone who tours frequently, albeit on a Surly LHT, I’m always interested in hearing about people touring with cargo bikes. Let us know how it goes.

    Out of curiosity, how many gears does the Bullitt have?

    I’ve got a cargo bike myself but it’s too bulky and awkward for me to consider doing a long ride.

    • Hi Adventure,

      My Bullitt is a Clockwork so has 8 speed Alfine hub gears and Shimano hydraulic disk brakes.

      I am not a great distance per day person (well only in my dreams) with rare ventures over 50 miles in a day.

      Using the Bullitt to tour is definitely an experiment. It will be interesting to see how the easy of carrying, reliability and comfort of the Bullitt end up compared to my Trek Pilot road bike (much faster but limited load capacity and no mudguards) or my Trice XXL recumbent trike (very comfy, good load capacity and good speed but currently adjusted for my wife).

  2. Bike prep for touring « 42 Bikes - pingback on January 28, 2013 at 1:12 pm

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