Getting confused in London #ride:8.64miles

This morning I 0cycled with Pete Philips from the President Hotel (somewhere in London, but I don’t really know where and I don’t recommend it so can’t be bothered to find where it is) to Methodist Church House on Boris Bikes.

This evening after Methodist Council and after an extra meeting of a few tweeters I cycled back from Methodist Church House to St Pancras Station on my Birdy folding bike. On the way I went wrong a few times partly through not recognising which way I had come from St Pancras on Monday (exacerbated by the large number of one way streets) and partly because there were a few signs showing a cycle route to St Pancras but they kept abandoning me.

I don’t ride in London very often but it does seem that there are more cyclists about (I was about 20 cyclists back at several traffic lights). There were a few idiots with no lights and a few who went through red lights (although none that I saw that inconvenienced any driver or came anywhere near a collision), however, the huge majority stopped at traffic lights and had good lights on their bikes.

Still a huge distance to go in terms of infrastructure, but there were a few useful bits (sadly some blocked by badly thought out roadworks).

Also the Boris Bike worked well and was a very effective and way of getting from the hotel. Saw lots of them in use.

Despite being relatively slow to fold and somewhat awkward to carry when folded my Birdy worked very well for 8.64 miles today đŸ™‚ It got me from the entrance to Leicester Station to home in Syston in 25 minutes 13 seconds, 5.35 miles and a moving average of 12.74mph with a maximum of 21.28mph đŸ™‚ Certainly a lot faster and more comfortable than a Boris Bike but the mudguards are not as good.

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  1. So close to Velorution! Next time stop by.

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