It’s a bit technical isn’t it

This has got to be a winner.

Jane was out around Syston on her bike this afternoon.

She had been to the Library, to the Post Office and to the Doctors. While she was at the Doctors she noted how odd it was that they didn’t have a bike rack/stand at all. Fortunately she has a double leg centre stand and a framelock so it is not a problem for her.

Anyway as she was leaving a man came up to her and after looking at her bike apparently said

“It’s a bit technical isn’t it”

Which she understood to mean something like “How do you as a mere woman manage on such a complicated bike”.

It made mean laugh for two reasons.

Firstly, this bike has been chosen to be as convenient, reliable, simple and easy to use as possible. So it has:

  • Hub gears (a nice 8 speed Alfine) so you can change gear at anytime, don’t need to do any maintenance and don’t need to worry about multiple gear changes that are fussy with some combinations that are not suitable. One odd feature is that hub gears are now so rare that many people think it is an electric motor – maybe it is just that Jane just rides it so fast πŸ™‚
  • A framelock so you don’t have to remember or carry a lock and don’t have to remember a key
  • Chainguard, skirtguard, mudguards so you can ride it in whatever you are wearing. Today that included a skirt, knee boots (with long laces) and a long coat.
  • A basket for you to drop your library books, handbag, post etc in
  • A rack with permanent bungee in case you buy anything else while you are out.
  • A step through frame to make starting and stopping really easy
  • A double leg centre stand so it is really stable when parked for hassle free easy loading.
  • Disc brakes so the wheels won’t get so dirty, and they will last for ages without maintenance and will stop you well in all conditions

So in one sense there are a lot of bits but they are all ones that made the bike easier and simpler to use and maintain. You can tell we live in a strange place where people are so not used to practical bikes that so many comment on it.

The second reason it made me laugh is that he should see the bike Jane rides when she is not riding this one. That is our Trice XXL recumbent trike. That is far more complicated/sophisticated πŸ™‚


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  1. No, that’s technical!

    • Well I agree I am a bit of a geeky nerd in wanting to sort these things out πŸ™‚ But I still think that as far as using the bike it is as far from technical as you can get.

      • As a user rather than a repairer, I reckon you’re right. Though in my case bike problems basically always boil down to punctures, or the lads throwing them down on their pedals.

  2. love that bike πŸ™‚

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