One week in. Progress on 2011 challenges

So in  Bike challenges for 2011 written on 1st January I set myself the following cycling related challenges for 2011:

  • The first related to this blog: I’m Bike posting every day in 2011!. I have achieved this and at the same time there has been a significant increase in readers. Yesterday was the highest so far (and more than the best week prior to week 46 of 2010). In fact so far my average visits per day in January is more than double the previous best. I am pleased with this.
  • The second was to lose weight and support this through continuing the daily cycling habit and riding more miles. So far this has also gone exceptionally well. I have lost 1.9kg which is far higher than my target weight loss per week, puts me 0.9kg ahead of my target.

The weight loss has only happened as I have ridden lots of miles as well as riding everyday. In the week I did 126.5 miles which is a lot by my expectations. Of these all but 4 miles were on my Bullitt Cargobike and over 50 miles were for work. Twice I hopped on the scales in the late evening and thought I don’t want to post an increased weight tomorrow and therefore went for a ride, sure enough both times it meant my weight dropped.

I don’t expect my miles to continue at this rate, however, when I looked back and realised how many miles I had ridden this week I was very surprised. I would never have expected to ride so many miles without it feeling like a huge effort. I would have expected that it would have left me tired and stiff but it hasn’t. In fact last night I did just over 15 miles at a deliberately very gentle pace so that I was breathing very easily (always able to hold a proper conversation). I was surprised to average about 11.5 mph and realised how much improved my general condition must be. Hopefully a recovery ride like that was good at burning up fat.

All in all a good week. Now off to do some riding to work things 🙂

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  1. Good work. I’ve been less successful. Caffeine, water and fruit consumption on track, under on sleep and cycling, over on alcohol.

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