Pickles and Hammond to end the war on motorists

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said:

“This is a key step in ending the war on the motorist. For years politicians peddled the pessimistic, outdated attitude that they could only cut carbon emissions by forcing people out of their cars. via Pickles and Hammond to end the war on motorists – Newsroom – Department for Communities and Local Government.

Is Philip Hammond a complete moron? Has he any evidence whatsoever that you can cut carbon emissions without reducing car use.

Since when is reducing car use to reduce carbon emissions outdated. He has no alternative.

On a stupidity scale of 1 to 10 this is at least 15.

If they want to encourage people to use town centres then make supermarkets charge for parking (all you have to do is charge the supermarkets for providing car parking and then let them decide whether to recover that in car parking charges or swallow it).

If they want to solve street parking in residential areas then they first need to provide alternatives so that people don’t feel they need to use a car.


All the more reason we need the Cycling Embassy. See The Anti-Cycle Campaigning Cycling Campaign « The Lo Fidelity Bicycle Club.

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