The Bullitt Sleigh

As described in Creating a Bullitt Sleigh I now have a working Bullitt Sleigh:


This is the side painted by the younger members of Syston Girls Brigade


Riding it is pretty easy, getting the stand down is the most tricky bit as getting your foot in place t0 push the leg down is tricky. It does creak a bit so next year I’ll put some rubber padding where it touches the bike.


This is the side painted by the older members of Syston Girls Brigade, sadly they ran out of time to complete their ambitious plans (not helped by the paint taking forever to dry).

I have got some battery powered LED Christmas lights and tinsel to add.

I’ll be using it at the Syston Methodist Church Carol Service tomorrow, plus at the Wreake Community College carol services on Monday. Then I’ll see how many other things I take it to in the coming week (definitely at the Christingle Service at Syston Methodist Church).

It only needs a few screws removing and I will be able to store it flat until next year. By then I will try to get the inside painted to match. Maybe we should add Reindeer sides to Jane’s biks so that she can ride in front of me 🙂

The good thing is that it is still fully functional as a cargobike (although I would need to add some lights as the normal ones are a bit blocked by the Sleigh. I should really have some bells as well.

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