Review: Schmidt SON Delux dynamo & Edelux light

In Schmidt SON Delux & Edelux, perfect on Bullitt I was describing my new front hub dynamo and light, at that time I had to admit:

The light seems good to ride by. I’ll write more when I have been on some unlit roads but it was fine coming down the unlit cycle path from the Asda car park. Earlier, riding back from Leicester I was following Jane and it lit up the back of her bike very brightly.

However, I do now have some experience. On Sunday evening I cycled to Bristall and back going through Watermead Park (from just south of Thurmaston including using the boarded path). So after riding on unlit off road bridle paths my view of this light and dynamo combination is:


I have never ridden with such a bright and clear bike light. Absolutely amazing in brightness, area covered, cut off to avoid blinding drivers and consistency at low speeds.

The SON Delux dynamo and Edelux LED light are just awesome. I felt I could see better than with my very powerful Lumicycle twin lamp set, which is far more than I expected.

So now only are there the huge convenience (always on the bike and ready to go) and reliability (no charging, no limited number of charges, no running out) advantages but we can add incredibly bright and all the brightness is fully usable.

Today the convenience showed up again. It has been a pretty yucky day with poor visibility, damp and gloomy. I have been out for over 7 hours at different meetings, services & visits. Plus lunch at Templars in Rothley, yum yum 🙂 So I have had my bike locked up outside at 3 locations. Not having to take the front lights off or worry about batteries running low makes life very much simpler. Having the light come on automatically is just icing on the cake 🙂

I am so pleased with this light & dynamo combination and highly recommend it. I will of course report back in a while about it’s reliability and longevity but everything I have found so far indicates that these will be good.

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