Creating a Bullitt Sleigh

I have set myself a bit of a creative challenge, as usually not fully thought through 🙂

The idea is to create a Bullitt Sleigh by turning my Bullitt Clockwork cargobike into Santa’s Sleigh.

The problem is that the Syston Girls Brigade are going to be doing the painting tomorrow evening and I am out all day. So not a lot of preparation time.

I have got some hardboard and red exterior paint and plenty of scrap wood for framing.

So the Bullitt looks like this:


and the Sleigh I am think of looks like this:

Only scaled down a lot 🙂

I figure the 2nd opening will be where the pedals are for me to get in and out. The front opening will only go as low as the top of the box side. For colour co-ordination (which I know is important to some people 🙂 ) I will try to hide all the orange of the bike or the orange and red combination will look hideous.

I want to have it made so that I can ride it around in it’s costume.

I’ll let you know how we get on.

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  1. They did try to warn me about you :o)

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