Preparing your transport bike for winter

The cycling magazines are currently full of articles about preparing your Bike for winter, all the things you should be buying for your bike in winter and cleaning your bike in winter.

So I thought it would be helpful to add my tips for preparing your everyday transport bike for winter.

The list of tips is not very long.

In fact the list is empty.

I have no tips for preparing your transport bike for winter.


Well a bike used for everyday reliable transport will already be fully equipped with:

  • Hub gears for low maintenance, reliable, clean and protected year round use.
  • Hub, Coaster or Disc brakes for low maintenance, reliable, clean and protected year round use. They won’t be wearing out your rims and they won’t need special winter pads.
  • Mudguards, because when you use your bike all year round in normal clothes you know that roads get wet all year round.
  • Lights that are there all the time because it gets dark before you put your bike away at night for most of the year.
  • Tyres that are heavy duty because you know the roads are covered with glass all year round
  • Ideally a full chainguard (the only thing I would like to add to my Bullitt Clockwork) so your chain is going to be kept clean and so are you

So as far as preparation goes you might want some thicker gloves 🙂

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