STV advice makes the roads more dangerous

In How to cope with the black ice menace | Scotland | STV News there are top tips for drivers.

However, in a bid to make the roads more dangerous when there is black ice about they fail to include the most important “tip”.

If there is ice about then


Is it really possible that people are so caught up in the driving delusion that convinces them that they are invincible and that all drivers have excellent skills that means it is impossible for them to see the elephant in the room.

If the road is covered in black ice then every other tip is going to be of zero help if you are driving too fast.

The safe speed is one where you can stop before hitting someone even if the road in front of you is covered in ice. If you are driving slow enough that you can stop even if there is ice ahead then all the other tips are irrelevant.

Well all irrelevant except for the other key tip they missed out.

Keep your distance!

Amazingly they missed the other important tip for driving safely in ice conditions. Keep much much greater distances between you and pedestrians, you and cyclists amd even you and other vehicles. If a pedestrian slips over are you still going to miss them. Is there enough space for you to avoid a cyclist if they slip over on black ice. If the car in front skids and hits an oncoming bus can you stop before piling into them?

How can a public broadcaster get away with such stupid and dangerous advice? Maybe we should force their news team to cross icy roads on foot in front of drivers following their advice.

For the record at the time of writing their top tips were (hopefully they will get updated to something less stupid and dangerous, meanwhile SLOW DOWN):

Here are a few tips for drivers to cope with the black ice:

    • Watch for the clues that can warn you of black ice before you set off, like clear ice on your windscreen.
    • Watch for changes in the appearance of the road surface. If it looks shiny, or darker or lighter, that could mean icy patches.
    • If you spot black ice, don’t brake, accelerate or turn your steering wheel. Just drive as straight as you can across the ice.
    • Make sure you drive smoothly and gently. Any abrupt or jerky movements with the controls will immediately make the car begin to skid or slide.

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