Challenging companies that break the law

Freewheeler does a good job documenting some of the ways in which companies make our roads dangerous by breaking the law. Here is one example: Crap Cycling & Walking in Waltham Forest: lawless Broadstock lorry driver obstructs cycle lane.

In this instance I decided to take freewheeler up on the challenge:

If you have any comments about Broadstock’s contribution to the environment you can send them to the company at the only email address they provide.

So I sent the following email to



I have read with photos of one of your lorries parted illegally and dangerously.
I would like to know what you as a company are doing about this?
Has the driver been disciplined?
Have all your drivers been warned about their behaviour?
What training are you putting in place for your drivers to increase safety? Transport for London have some suggestions see
Where is your press release from you apologising for this action and detailing what you are doing to avoid it happening in the future.
I suggest that to show your rejection of this behaviour you to contribute a multiple of the fine that your driver should have been charged to a charity such as road peace or brake.

I’ll update this post if/when I hear from Broadstock.
Sadly I am not as good as freewheeler at taking photos of bad driving. Otherwise Thurmaston Buses would be getting an email about one driver who went through a red light yesterday and another who was so far forward at a red light that it was impossible for a pedestrian to cross.
It seems to me that publicly challenging companies whose drivers break the law and make life dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians is helpful way to change behaviour as it is surely in the interests of companies to avoid bad publicity.
It is also safer for cyclists and pedestrians to make these complaints instead of challenging drivers directly. Yesterday for example I challenged a driver on one of the slip roads along the A607 Melton Road by the shell garage south of Thurmaston. He pulled out around a parked car heading straight for me while talking on his mobile phone. When I challenged him on his breaking the law he tried to accuse me of something (I could not work out what as I was riding on the correct side of the road, had right of way and had to stop due to being squeezed by him). Direct confrontation is problematical so maybe the route of challenging companies is better.


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  1. Article in Leicester Mercury today (advantage of son having paper round, though guess article is online too). City Council debating cycling on New Walk. They noted that nearly all petitions from cyclists cite the lack of alternative safe routes, and that many cyclists cannot understand why New Walk can’t be a shared cycle / walk way like so many other routes in the city (neither can I – it’s wide enough). Instead decision is to increase number of “no cycling” signs (what % of errant cyclists are actually unaware of the ban? – I imagine most are on regular route) and to “consider” making safer alternatives. No timescale on that word “consider”.

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