The easiest way to get pots of bulbs home

It should be obvious to everyone that this:


Mind you I found it strange when I was just leaving the @templars coffee shop in Rothley that a passer by said “a car is much easier”. Obviously I disagreed and said so.

It was strange because there I was, parked right outside the coffee shop, it could not have been more convenient. Meanwhile cars were struggling to find somewhere to park. Plus I had my pot of bulbs in the front of my Bullitt where they were not going to fall over and make a mess of an expensive carpet in a car.

Now why would anyone think a car was more convenient? Must be that virus that they catch when sitting in a car that has eaten their brains.

Anyway I was in Rothley having caught the end of the Rothley Methodist Church Coffee morning (source of my pot of bulbs) and before that the beginning of the Queniborough Methodist Church Coffee morning. Jane came with me to Rothley which meant we could try out her new accessories on her bike:

  • Lock
  • Skirt guard
  • Stand
  • Front Light & mounting bracket
  • Rear rack with elastic strap

They all worked well and we both made it through the melting slush. The Bullitt throws off quite a big bow wave as you cut through the slush. You can see it nicely deflected to the sides by the box.

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